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Welcome to the GCCS Transportation Page.  Our school bus drivers are trained to safely transport children to and from school.  All school bus drivers complete a pre-service training and testing program that includes classroom and on the road training.  They must successfully pass both written and driving performance tests to demonstrate adequate knowledge of policies and traffic laws as well as driving skills. Our drivers are also screened for the following:  driving record, drugs and alcohol, physical exams, criminal background checks, and annual employee evaluations.  Our communities have trusted drivers for generations, and with that trust, school bus drivers have made taking the school bus the safest way to get to and from school.

Each day our bus fleet travels over 579 miles and transports more than 300 students.  The transportation team realizes that we have a tremendous responsibility.  It is my sincere daily prayer that we make every effort to protect 100% of our students 100% of the time!


Scotty Usry
Transportation/Maintenance Director