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Governance Team

What Is The Governance Team?

A local school governance team is a group of of parents/guardians, educators, and community members who work together to support student learning and well-being in their school.  The governance team is made up of three parents, three teachers, three community members, and both principals.

Parent Members Teacher Members Community Members
Paul Parrish Ashley Haywood Stanley Phillips
Karla Waters Liz Harrell Judy Morgan
Sarah Johnson Hope Hadden Mariann Dixon

Principals:  Ann Cantrell & Michael Costello


  • Adopt the school improvement plan and updates
  • Review progress on the School Improvement Plan
  • Participate in the identification of instructional programs, operational processes, resources, and innovations to improve student achievement
  • Provide input and approve the annual charter system budget
  • Participate in hiring of the Principal in the case of a vacancy, and may have input into performance goals and provide feedback on the performance of the Principal
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Education through the Principals and Superintendent